Alfred Russel Wallace and Evolutionary Thought 

What we plan to cover... 

A spark of genius?: Were Wallace's evolutionary theories a moment of enlightened genius? What was the state of evolutionary thinking prior to Wallace? Where does he sit in this milieu?

From Natural History to a Place in History:  The road to the Linnean Society Papers.

Are there differences between Darwinian and Wallacian Evolution?

1855 :: On the Law Which Has Regulated the Introduction of New Species published by Wallace. A.k.a. 'The Sarawak Law'.

1858 (July) :: Darwin's and Wallace's two papers on the Theory of Natural Selection read to the Linnean Society of London.

1870 :: Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection published by Wallace. 

1889 :: Darwinism published by Wallace.

1890 (Sep.) :: Human Selection published by Wallace (in Fortnightly Review).

Variations of Alfred Russel Wallace : Alfred Wallace : Russel Wallace : Alfred Russell Wallace [sic] : A. R. Wallace : A.R. Wallace : AR Wallace  

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