Alfred Russel Wallace's Social Activism

Equality of opportunity is […] the correlative of natural selection in human society and has thus a broad foundation in the laws of nature

Alfred Russel Wallace, (Wallace, 1908: 328)

What we plan to cover... 

In the meantime, why not read my article on the relationship between Wallace's evolutionism and socialism published in Reinvention in April 2010

Why did Wallace get involved in such diverse social activism?

Was much of it mainstream/orthodox thinking?

How did his involvement in these things affect his reputation?

1837 :: Wallace is converted to Owenism (a form of socialism).

1889 :: Wallace becomes 'convinced' by Socialist theory. 

Variations of Alfred Russel Wallace : Alfred Wallace : Russel Wallace : Alfred Russell Wallace [sic] : A. R. Wallace : A.R. Wallace : AR Wallace  

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