Alfred Russel Wallace and Spiritualism 

What we plan to cover... 

What exactly is Spiritualism?

What was its position in Victorian society?

Why did Wallace become such an advocate for it?

How did it affect his reputation?

1862 :: Wallace attends his first seance. 

1866 :: The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural published by Wallace.

1874 :: A Defence of Modern Spiritualism published by Wallace (in Fortnightly Review).

1875 :: On Miracles and Modern Spiritualism published by Wallace.

1886 :: Wallace begins American Lecture tour (and attends seances in the process).

1898 :: Spiritualism and Social Duty published by Wallace.

Variations of Alfred Russel Wallace : Alfred Wallace : Russel Wallace : Alfred Russell Wallace [sic] : A. R. Wallace : A.R. Wallace : AR Wallace  

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