Alfred Russel Wallace's Historical Reputation 

Before Natural Selection - pre-1858 

'Man of Science' - 1858 to 1866 

'Man of Nonsense'? - 1866-1900

1886 :: Wallace begins American Lecture tour.

1893 :: Wallace turns down becoming Fellow of the Royal Society.

1908 :: Wallace receives first Gold Darwin-Wallace Medal from the Linnean Society of London.

1990 (3 June) :: Broadstone Tapestry produced by the Broadstone Methodist Church with Wallace one of the 9 panels.

2010 (31 April) :: University of Glamorgan, Wales rename Building including earth science laboratories after Wallace.

Darwin-Wallace Medal - 1908

Variations of Alfred Russel Wallace : Alfred Wallace : Russel Wallace : Alfred Russell Wallace [sic] : A. R. Wallace : A.R. Wallace : AR Wallace  

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